Quarter Life Crisis Avoidance

Today is my best friend Belén’s birthday. It is also exactly one week before I set off on many months worth of adventures in avoidance of my quarter-life crisis.

What a perfect day to launch my blog!

For those of you reading this who didn’t know already (Amy, I am so sorry that you have to hear this, again) I am jetting off to Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. etc… and not returning until at least June 2018!

I have recently graduated, and a LOT has changed. University was hands down the best four years of my life – I was continually being challenged, trying new things, making new friends, discovering who I am and what I am all about. I am proud to say that I have completely mastered the art of ‘work hard, play hard’, as I created this wonderfully busy and enriching world for myself, full of commitments and responsibility.

Since I’m writing about my time at university, AND it’s Belén’s birthday, it would be rude not to mention how much going through it all with her has contributed to making me the optimistic, life-loving, and driven person I am today. Belén and many other incredible people encouraged me to do more than just study; in 2016 alone I travelled to 9 new countries, sat on four extra-curricular committees and volunteered in Honduras. I have high expectations of how fulfilling a busy schedule can be, and I will settle for no less as I move on through my career.


Ending the ‘university chapter’, and trying to plan the next ‘real world chapter’, is all quite overwhelming. I have extremely high expectations of myself, and I have a lot of energy to work hard and be successful in my career. BUT, I don’t know where to start or what my definition of success is. I want to do lots of work in the developing world. I want to stay in engineering in order to inspire more females to follow STEM careers. I want a work environment that is dynamic, multi-cultural and high-pressured. As I mentioned before, I am having a quarter-life crisis, and I am intentionally avoiding it by going travelling because, hey, how can you change the world if you haven’t seen it?

This blog will keep you, my friends & family, updated on where I am, what I’m doing and, of course, how I have ‘found myself’ during my travels. I have never been one for words, so I’m hoping to work on this along the way while using photos (and maybe videos) to help tell my stories.

I hope you enjoy the jealousy invoked by reading about my trip and know that if I could take you all with me in my suitcase, I would.

Lots of love, Beth xxx

P.S. I hope you all enjoy the colourful logo I’ve designed and the edgy blog name

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